About Jetpak

Jetpak – the smoothest solution
when you need to deliver

Speedy and secure deliveries can be crucial to your customer relations and your results. Jetpak makes sure that you never need to worry.

Jetpak is the market leader for time-critical express deliveries in the Nordic Region with a history that stretches back to 1979. With representation in more than 140 localities, 700 delivery vehicles and around 4000 flight combinations per day, we provide what is perhaps the most comprehensive delivery infrastructure in the entire Nordic Region. We offer speedy, simple and precise solutions for both ad-hoc delivery needs and for customised logistics. Jetpak is specialised in flight-based long-distance deliveries from door to door and is primarily active within the B2B segment. Jetpak’s unique service enables a dynamic order process which is updated in real time to optimise both time and price.