Logistics system

A speedy delivery is also a easy way to increase the value of your services.

It can make your product unique, make you stand out as a progressive supplier and allow your customer to feel reassured and secure.

For many years, delivery precision has been prioritised ahead of delivery time within logistics systems. But in the systems of tomorrow, delivery time is becoming more and more important – still in combination with high delivery precision – and so the value of speedy express deliveries is only going to increase. Customers are becoming more and more impatient and increasingly expect faster services, which they are prepared to pay more for.

With Jetpak as a part of their logistics system, our customers can promise same-day delivery across the entire Nordic Region from a single central warehouse. By using a central warehouse and fast, flexible transport operations over the course of the day, accessibility and security can both be assured to an equally high degree – and at a significantly reduced cost.