Our history

"Did you know you can now send packages in the hold compartment of our planes?"

These are the words of the former head of Linjeflyg, taken from an advertisement on TV.

Jetpak’s history stretches all the way back to 1979 when the idea that would eventually become Jetpak was born – to utilise unused load space on aeroplanes.

The business, which today is Jetpak, was initiated by the then CEO of Linjeflyg, thereafter CEO of SAS group,  Jan Carlzon,  under the name “Jetpaket”.

In 1983,  the business became part of the SAS Group. Initially, the transports between different airports under the name “fraktflyget”, which developed into domestic freight being sent with a guaranteed delivery time. However, customers also needed fast ground transport with pick-up and drop-off “door-to-door”, which is why a collaboration was concluded with the courier chain AdenaPicko’s in 1986.

In 1991,  Jetpak AB was established and the collaboration between Jetpak and AdenaPicko’s proved successful, which resulted in the companies subsequently merging under the common Jetpak brand. The unique combination of fast ground transport in combination with flexible air transport was a success and thus created the basis for what is today’s Jetpak;
a logistics group based on a fully integrated distribution solution with both air and road transport elements.

In 1995,  the company expanded into Denmark, and to some extent to Europe and the rest of the world.

In 2006,  the then owner SAS sold the Jetpak operations to private equity company Polaris Equity, which continued the national densification of the network – in parallel with a geographical expansion with a view to the Nordic region and Europe.

During the years 2016 and 2017, Jetpak continued the work of strengthening its last mile network with courier company acquisitions in Borås, Malmö, Västerås and Helsingborg.

In 2018,  Jetpak acquired the Belgian company “Rightaway BVBA”, as part of the company’s strategy for continued European expansion.
In December 2018, Jetpak was listed on the Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market in Stockholm with an introductory price of SEK 45 per share.

In 2019, Polaris sold its shares in Jetpak to Paradigm Capital AG, which through various funds, thus became Jetpak’s largest owner.
In December 2019, Jetpak announced that it had acquired the Danish express logistics company 3D Logistik A/S with a focus on temperature-controlled transports. The company was then renamed “Jetpak Danmark A/S”.

In January of 2020, the Group’s head office was moved to Stockholm-Arlanda.

By December 2021, Jetpak announced that it had acquired the Danish express corurier company CTS Express A/S, with effect from January 2022.

The period 2020-2022 was affected by the direct and indirect effects of the corona pandemic (covid-19), with subsequent cost- and inflation peaks.

2023 was characterized by M&A activities, as Budakuten i Malmö was acquired in May, BudAB in October and the acquisistion of the Norwegian company Kvalitetstransport was announced in December.


Jetpak (then called Jetpaket) is founded by the domestic airline company Linjeflyg


Jetpaket changes its name to Jetpak and takes steps out into the wider Nordic region


The Scandinavian flag carrier airline SAS becomes the new owner of Jetpak


Jetpak launches in Denmark and steps out into the rest of Europe and the wider world


Jetpak acquires the ground transport operations of Finnish company Lähettipirkka


Jetpak starts up a wholly-owned subsidiary in Gothenburg


Jetpak expands in Estonia and the Baltic region


Jetpak becomes owned by Polaris Equity


Jetpak starts up its own operations in Amsterdam, Brussels, the UK and Düsseldorf


Jetpak acquires the Swedish ground transport companies Ett Bud (Borås) and Götaland Logistik (Malmö)


Jetpak expands to Poland and Germany


Jetpak acquires the Swedish ground transport companies Varuslussen (Västerås) and STU Budbilar (Helsingborg)


Jetpak listed on Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market on 5 December


Jetpak announced the acquisition of 3D Logistik A/S, with effect from 2020


Jetpak head office was moved to Stockholm-Arlanda


Jetpak announced the acquisition of CTS Express A/S, with effect from 2022


Jetpak acquires Budakuten i Malmö, BudAB and the Norwegian company Kvalitetstransport