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Express deliveries are an important part of most logistics systems and are often associated with emergency shipments, such as spare parts for machines that have broken down. However, in a systematic logistic system, fast shipments can play a stronger role and bring even greater value.

Speed means value

Speedy delivery is a simple way to increase the value of a service. It can make your product unique, make you stand out as a progressive supplier and allow your customer to feel reassured and secure.

Speed means revenue

It can be a real emergency when a machine or another piece of equipment breaks down and a sparepart is needed quickly to get things up and running again. And this is where the difference between same-day delivery and a slower service can really be quite considerable. If the machine produces a value of SEK 100,000 per hour, for example, then 12 hours of downtime will equate to an output loss of SEK 1.2 million.

Speed means security

The argument for overnight delivery is often that this is well suited to the way our working time is structured; i.e. there is not much benefit in a spare part arriving late in the afternoon. But this is only partly true. Just like when you travel yourself; it always feels reassuring to arrive the night before. You never know what might happen the next morning – what if there’s a snowstorm. And a delivery that comes the next day is rarely there for seven o’clock, when the day’s work begins.

Jetpak offers logistics solutions with speed as its foremost competitive factor. Each shipment is handled individually based on the customer’s requirements and transported in the fastest way possible between sender and receiver.