Business concept, strategy and goal

Business concept

Jetpak must be the easiest and fastest option for package deliveries and door-to-door shipments. The company offers solutions for both spontaneous transportation needs and customised express logistics.


Jetpak has a clear strategy to ensure continued capital-efficient and profitable growth for the company. Our strategic plan is centred around four themes.

Increased market penetration in the Express Ad-hoc and Express Systemised segments

We have formulated a four part strategy in order to increase Jetpak’s growth within the Express Ad-hoc and Express Systemised segments and to further reinforce our market position.

  • Partner program: To utilise the company’s strong product offering within the Express Ad-hoc segment, Jetpak has started an initiative with the ambition of making Jetpak a permanent subcontractor of critical ad-hoc-deliveries to the large integrators.
  • Differentiated pricing: Jetpak continuously strives to make the company’s pricing model more dynamic. Through a more data-driven pricing process, we believe that it is better to adjust the price of different products to customers depending on factors such as geography, network capabilities as well as prices for comparable products.
  • Customer activation: We strive to continually develop Jetpak’s offering to customers and have therefore launched a strategic program to classify customers into different customer categories in order to better adapt the offer and cater to each customer’s specific needs.
  • Direct response: Jetpak works using a marketing strategy that focuses on identifying when the customer needs Jetpak’s products, instead of focusing on brand awareness as before.

Production efficiency

In order to optimise the production of Jetpak’s transportation services and to increase the network of last mile transports where we estimate there is a need, we work on projects within cost and production efficiency, optimisation of the network for current land distribution, and continued strategic acquisitions of local distributors.

Consolidation of the local courier and distribution market

The local courier and distribution market in the Nordic region consists of a number of small players focused on local geographic areas, which creates good opportunities for Jetpak to further strengthen their market position through acquisitions. We have a presence with both offices and staff in many of these geographic areas, which makes it possible to integrate the acquired companies smoothly . This in turn can create cost synergies within the group.

European expansion

In addition to the Nordic region, Jetpak is currently operational in England, Benelux, Germany and Poland. We are looking forward to establishing more stations in Europe and continuing to grow on the fragmented European market.

Financial goals

The Jetpak Board has set the following financial goals:

The group’s goal is to have an average annual organic sales growth of at least 5 percent over a business cycle.

The group’s long-term goal is to achieve an adjusted EBITA margin of 12 percent.