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Jetpak Top Holding AB interim report quarter 3 2017

Jetpak Top Holding AB publishes their interim report for the third quarter 2017

· Net sales increased by 10,6% to 185 878 (168 100) KSEK

· Operating profit, EBITDA amounts to 16 578 (13 118) KSEK

· Profit/loss for the period amounts to 4 576 (5 683) KSEK

Comments from CEO, Kenneth Marx

During the third quarter, Jetpak is still experiencing increased competition from other logistics operators, within both the express and logistics segment. Despite the competition, Jetpak is able to maintain its market share and margin, which can be attributed to the company’s continued high quality and customer-friendly solutions.

Net sales for the third quarter amounted to 185 878 (168 100) KSEK, an improvement of 10.6%. Net sales for the first nine months amounted to SEK 548 178 (509 711) KSEK, an improvement of 7.6%.

EBITDA amounted to 16 578 (13 118) KSEK for the third quarter, and EBITDA for the first nine months amounted to 51 118 (49 756) KSEK.

The earnings trend for both the third quarter and the interim period is positive – primarily linked to the strong development of Jetpak Direct during the last quarter. Investments during the first half of the year in advertising and marketing costs have given effect. In addition, the general economic situation positively contributes to the earnings performance.

The strategic projects undertaken in the commercial and production functions are implemented according to plan and are expected to contribute to increased growth and margin improvement combined with optimized delivery systems.

One of the company’s major customers within the distribution of beds has initiated a reconstruction of their company. Jetpak has received a pre-payment for future shipments, so the risk of customer losses is considered to be low.

During the quarter, the company has implemented a smaller acquisition of a company based in Västerås (Varuslussen Sverige AB). This as part of strengthening the company’s presence in the region of Mälardalen.

After the end of the period, the company has acquired STU Budbilar AB in Helsingborg. This as part of strengthening the company’s presence in the Öresund region. 


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