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Jetpak to offer Rail Courier- service in cooperation with VR – Finnish National Railways

VR begins to transport Jetpak shipments by rail. The Co-operation includes transportation of urgent shipments, such as sensitive samples and medicines from the healthcare sector as well as urgent industrial spare parts.  At this stage transports are possible to and from Helsinki.

VR and Jetpak offer a wide range of domestic destinations from Helsinki with excellent frequency, up to one departure per hour and available 24/7.

With rail connection customer receives door to door service at Jetpak speed!

“We are excited about this collaboration and the new functionality which enables us to utilize the entire capacity of the Finnish railway system. The Finnish train system is carbon dioxide neutral, so we can offer emission-free transports to Jetpak’s customers. Our train network covers areas that are essential for Jetpak’s customers” says Topi Simola, VR’s Director of Passenger Traffic.

“During the pandemic, we are looking for alternative ways to grow and maintain our business. For Jetpak this is a great opportunity due to the reduction of available flights.  We at Jetpak believe that the co-operation with VR is a great opportunity for the future, due to the fast connections and low environmental impact. “; comments Markus Haapanen Sales Manager of Jetpak Finland.

VR Group is a service company operating in the field of travel, logistics and maintenance. Our Group employs 6,000 professionals, with annual net sales of approximately one billion euros. The group primarily operates in Finland, but it also has operations abroad, especially in Russia.
VR Group is owned entirely by the Finnish state.

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